Our diversity is our speciality .

Our diversified experience over the years in Information Technology (IT) industry with respect to business organizations and technology platforms put us in a position to identify more synergies than those specialized in specific business domains or technology platforms.

We believe that our ability to diversifying and identifying synergies in satisfying information needs is our strength. We, however, acknowledge the value of specialization.

TRANDTS is a platform that offers:
  • Total
  • Resourcing services for
  • Analysis
  • iNnovation
  • Design
  • Training
  • Solutions

Application Solutions

We offer services:
  • to explore, analyze, innovate, evaluate, select and design better solution
  • to the needs of small, medium, and enterprises
  • for business to customer, business to business, and bespoke application areas
  • on Microsoft, Oracle, Google and other Cloud-based technology platforms
We are exploring and would like to partner for potential  value proposition on including but not limited to following technologies:
  • Microsoft
    • Office: Office, Office  System, Office Sharepoint and related technologies
    • Cloud computing: Office Live, Windows Azure Technologies
    • Business Intelligence: SQL Server Services for OLAP with integration of Office System and Sharepoint technologies
  • Oracle
    • Business Intelligence: Oracle OLAP and related technologies
  • Google
    • Cloud computing: Google Apps, Google App Engine and related technologies

Training Solutions

Our industry experience that we bring to trainings can benefit:
  • Experienced IT Professionals
  • Software Houses
  • IT Departments of businesses / organizations
  • Knowledge Workers / Application End Users
  • New entrants in IT industry
We organize our training into three broad categories including Foundations, Vendor / Platform Specific, and Bespoke.

Application Development Foundation Training

You will be taken to the foundations of the technologies to form guidance strategy, which is followed by demonstrations of implementation on the specific technology platforms of your choice.

You are not offered certification rather foundation and guidance strategy to get certifications of specific platform vendor in general and you customer in particular i.e. our firm belief that in the end you should be Certified by your Customers.

We offer foundation trainings broadly in the following areas:
  • Data
    • Data Modeling & Design Fundamentals (Unstructured to Structured): Flat, Lists, Hierarchical, Relational, Object Oriented, Dimensional, etc.
    • Data Querying and Transformations: Custom, List Processing, Tree Processing, SQL, LINQ-to-<Structure>, MDX, etc.
    • Data Storage Management, Backup and Recovery
    • Data Processing Performance Optimization
  • Process
    • Collaboration & Workflow Technologies
  • Communication
    • Application Integration and Web Service Technologies
  • Presentation
    • Desktop and Web Application Presentation Technologies
  • Solution
    • Solution feasibility
    • Project Management
  • Standardization
    • Process Improvement, Compliance, Quality Assurance through different standards e.g. ISO, CMM, TQM.

Vendor / Platform Specific Training

  • Microsoft
    • Office: Office (Excel, Word, Power Point, Info Path,etc), Sharepoint Services and Server
    • Development/Programming: Microsoft .Net Framework 2/3/3.5, Windows, ASP.Net, Presentation/Workflow/Communication Foundations Technologies, Silverlight
    • Database: SQL Server RDBMS Database based Solution Design, Administration, Development, SQL/T-SQL Programming
    • Business Intelligence: SQL Server Data Warehouse, Analysis, Integration, Reporting Services;  MDX, BI Client Integration, Office Integration
    • Project Management: MS Project, Configuration Management
    • Modeling: MS Visio
  • Oracle
    • Database: SQL Server RDBMS Database based Solution Design, Administration, Development, SQL/T-SQL Programming
    • Business Intelligence: Oracle OLAP

Bespoke Training

Please let us know if your training needs are specific to achieving some goals and objectives. We will tailor training for your very specific needs.